November, 2018

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Details zum Event

gameZfestival is back for its sixth and last edition with three days of talks, international guests, indie game studios, panel discussions, awards and an OpenMic. This year’s topic is ‚Postmortem‘ a logical conclusion after last year’s ‚Game Over‘.

The Festival’s Highlights are Tarn Adams, developer of the famous Dwarf Fortress (USA), game designer, artist and author Mary Flanagan (USA) and more to come. Our conference track gameZ & ruleZ takes a closer look at storytelling as narrative mechanics.

Festival and conference will be accompanied by a playable videogame exhibition and a video trailer of all Swiss games published this year.

gameZfestival is a festival for the culture of game, play and gamedesign in zurich, switzerland. The Festival was founded in 2013. It is organized by the gameZfestival association based in Zurich, Switzerland. The initial Festival was all about game mechanics (1.0: 2013). The topic of the second Festival was „Play together!“ (multiplayer) (2.0: 2014). The third Festival was about „IndiegameZ and ruleZ“ (3.0: 2015). The fourth Festival focused on „Motivate for play!“(4.0: 2016). The fifth Festival was dedicated to „Game Over“ (5.0: 2017). And the sixth and last Festival 2018 is dedicated to „Post Mortem“ (6.0: 2018).


November 9 (Freitag) - 11 (Sonntag)


Zürich Kunstraum

Kanonengasse 20 8004 Zürich Schweiz