April, 2020

20AprDen ganzen Tag21QUO VADIS'20gamesweekberlinArt:Konferenz,TalkLand:DeutschlandStadt:BerlinBundesland:D-Berlin


Details zum Event

QUO VADIS is the core B2B event during two days of gamesweekberlin.

It is central, convenient and perfectly integrated into one week full of gaming events connecting business, technology and culture.

In 2020, QUO VADIS is part of the gamesweekberlin Pro X, together with  Womenize! Games & Tech, the Opening Breakfast, the Matchmaking Dinner and the GERMAN ESPORTS SUMMIT.

QUO VADIS consists of keynotes, talks, roundtables and workshops focusing on individually tailored tracks for business developers, game developers, community developers and other industries interested in digital games.

It’s one of Europe’s hot spots for gaming professionals: Meet with decision makers, creative minds and leaders of the gaming industry and lay the foundation for your success.


April 20 (Montag) - 21 (Dienstag)


Berlin KulturBrauerei

Schönhauser Allee 36, Berlin, 10435, Germany


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