Oktober, 2018

10Okt19:0022:00Talk & Play#2: Mental HealthArt:HangoutLand:DeutschlandStadt:MünchenBundesland:D-Bayern


Details zum Event

Talk & Play is a free event series organized by and for the local games industry. We strive to create a welcoming atmosphere for the entire community, from students to CEOs, with the intention to gather the entire industry at WERK1 for food, drinks, quality talks, networking and play sessions. Thanks to Games/Bavaria, CipSoft and WERK1 for their support!

SPEAKER – Jean Leggett

Our first speaker is Jean Leggett, co-founder and CEO of One More Story Games, the developer of StoryStylus, a simplified authoring platform for amateur and professional writers to create, publish and market diverse narrative-based video games. Jean is the lead writer of the Charlaine Harris game adaptation of “Shakespeare’s Landlord” to be published in early 2019 about a woman coming to grips with her PTSD from sexual assault when she discovers a murder close to home.

In her talk „Stories that haunt us and heal us: exploring mental health, abuse and trauma through games narrative” Jean will be speaking about the design of Charlaine Harris’ „Shakespeare’s Landlord,“ a novel-to-game adaptation and how the development team designed narrative choices, events and characters to mindfully explore trauma, PTSD and character progression within the construct of a 2D mystery adventure game.

SPEAKER – Arno Görgen

Our second speaker is Arno Görgen, research associate at the University of the Arts in Bern. Over the past years Arno has worked in various medicine-historic institutes researching topics like „Violence towards Kids“ and „Science and Pop Culture“. He’s currently graduating at the University in Bern with his project „Biohorror in Digital Games“.

His talk „Mental Health in Digital Games. Ethics and Aesthetics of the Unplayable“ is going to focus on the depiction of mental illness in video games.


(Mittwoch) 19:00 - 22:00


München WERK1

Grafinger Straße, München, Deutschland