April, 2019

24Apr19:0000:00TIMETRON2019interactive computer exhibitArt:Ausstellung,RetroLand:ÖsterreichStadt:WienBundesland:A-Wien


Details zum Event

SUBOTRON presents TIMETRON2019, an interactive computer exhibit based on the private collection of Retro-Computing Enthusiast Jay Vaughan.

Did you know that even today there are programmers releasing interesting and entertaining apps for your parents computers from the 1980’s? Let´s see what these old machines are still capable of doing – and while we’re at it lets explore some of the systems that didn’t make it into the mainstream.

Use a dinosaur to find dinosaurs and relive the excitement of Silicon Graphics before it all changed and the world became iAddicted. Check out a working BeBox, and maybe get a glimpse of what Apple might’ve been, in an alternative universe.

The exhibit runs through 2019 and will rotate various machines from the collection for you to come and check out.

TIMETRON2019 brings old computers to new users in playful ways.

The following systems are to be exhibited:
Amstrad CPC6128Oric AtmosAtari PortfolioBeBoxSGI O2Olivetti M10ZX SpectrumMacintosh 520cCommodore 64

Old computers never die – their users do!


(Mittwoch) 19:00 - 00:00


Wien MuseumsQuartier / Q21 /

Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien, Österreich


SUBOTRONSUBOTRON ist Anlaufstelle und Treffpunkt zur Förderung des theoretischen und praktischen Diskurses zum Themenkreis „digitale Spiele“.hub@subotron.com MuseumsQuartier / Q21 Museumsplatz 1 1070 Vienna Austria